Combatting the Nursing Shortage with Incentives

Stethoscope and EKG

Everyone knows the baby boomer population is aging, resulting in a greater need for nurses. The nation is now faced with not only older patients, but also older nurses. How are hospitals dealing with this problem? Benefits and incentives!

In light of this shortage, many hospitals are offering relocation packages and sign-on bonuses, as well as residency programs and more flexible staffing options. While some of these opportunities may not be available to brand-new nurses, mid-level career nurses can definitely benefit.

Some nurses reported receiving more than $20,000 as a sign-on bonus, though a few individuals in nursing chat rooms warn that sign-ons are usually tied to a less-than-desirable workplaces or locations. Others reported receiving $5,000-$10,000 in relocation packages, which obviously adds to the allure of a new job location, though experience is tied to the final number.

As far as residency programs go, these seem to be one of the most viable options for newer nurses. The goal of these programs is to create a nurse who is completely confident and able by the time he or she has completed the residency. Nurses in residency are usually partnered with extremely experienced nursing mentors who help them grow into being the best caregiver they can be. This website lists hospitals by state who offer residency nursing programs.

The nursing shortage won’t be over anytime soon, and now is a great time to take advantage of opportunities if you qualify. There’s always more to be learned and gained. Be the best nurse you can be!


Combatting the Nursing Shortage with Incentives

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