How this partner is celebrating John Muir Health:  

MotivAction Recruiting, LLC and John Muir Health have a partnership of over 10 years. John Muir is a nonprofit leading healthcare organization located in the East Bay of California and MotivAction Recruiting is a healthcare staffing firm based in Portland, with clients nationwide. Leaders from each organization communicate on a daily basis to promote optimal success for both organizations. Still to this day, John Muir has employees who started over 10 years ago when they were introduced by MotivAction.

The healthcare industry is vast, progressive and at times can be hard to navigate. However, the key to a successful partnership within healthcare is communication, shared risk and understanding. John Muir and MotivAction strive to promote high quality care for patients through the contribution of its physicians and employees.

The success of John Muir Health is reflected in its patient outcomes. As stated in the mission statement:

The measure of our success reflects itself in exceptional patient outcomes, Joint Commission accreditation, recognition for excellence in care, and outstanding patient satisfaction ratings.”

MotivAction contributes to the highest quality patient care offered by John Muir Health and continues to make a difference in providing specialized employees to the organization. The firm defines itself as an authentic partner to move you into the future with passion and integrity.

How this partner is celebrating John Muir Health:  

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