Healthcare Informatics: Patients Should Know

Healthcare Informatics: Patients Should Know

The Healthcare Industry is broken up into several sectors. Patients only experience a small side, the side where they wait for a nurse or doctor while they fill out pages of paperwork. Living in the midst of the age of technology, society has integrated it into all areas of daily life. All areas except healthcare have gone through the transition from paper to screen. This is where informatics tags onto the end of healthcare and you get Healthcare Informatics. What does this even mean?

Informatics is simply the use of technology. It was first introduced in the mid 1990’s, where we slowly integrated computers and email into our daily lives. Surely enough, productivity levels in the U.S. had doubled. People began to work faster and smarter through the use of technology.

The one industry lacking speed is Healthcare. For years, it has been paper and chart based. Nurses, doctors and even patients are constantly filling out paperwork, prescribing medicines and documenting patient information. The problem is that there are stacks of lost and unorganized information that slows down the overall process of patient care. Anyone who has been a patient can attest to waiting around for a nurse or doctor, whether it is for a quick check up or prep for surgery. Through EHR’S and CPOE’S, hospitals have already become more efficient. This is only the beginning of Informatics in Healthcare. The ultimate result of incorporating these technologies in the industry is to reduce cost for the patients. The investment in IT is for patients to receive the best care with the most efficient cost. It is natural for patients to trust a nurse or doctor over a machine. However, the innovations of technology have reached great heights of success proving that now is the time for change.

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Healthcare Informatics: Patients Should Know

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